Believe It.

Brain Scans: Then (July 2009, bottom) and Now (December 2010, top)

So yesterday was a monumental day.  Make that a tremenda-mental day.  Monumenta-mendous?  Never mind...

It was BIG. It was GOOD. BIG news, GOOD day.  GOOD news, BIG day.

What I'm getting at is: It's GONE!  I think it's been around the world three times already via Spacebook, but in case you haven't heard - the tuber is gone. G-O-N-E.  Gone

I really never thought I would see this day.  Ever.  But if I were to see it, it would be years down the road.  Years of struggling, waiting for the newest treatment, trying the next thing on my list of holistic therapies; before the day would come that my oncologist would speak the words, "the tumor is gone."

But it was yesterday, after a long week of chemo, not enough sleep, no Boyfriend to hold my hand during my appointment; that my Uber-Oncologist opened with, "Your MRI looks good - really good."  Looking up from the report, he smiled and continued, "At first, I thought I was looking at somebody else's MRI - there is no longer a mass, just some scar tissue from the radiation."

"Wait, what?" I'm sure the look on my face said it all - NO FREAKING WAY.

Dr. G confirmed that I had heard correctly: "The tumor is gone, what's left is basically just a scar."

"Wow - really?"  Dumbstruck.  Jaw resting on lap.

"Yep.  So your question from months ago about whether or not surgery would ever be an option - there's nothing to take out!"

"That's... "...words... " uh - mazing!  I can't believe it!"  

"Believe it."  He proceeded to go over the images from the scan of my brain taken earlier that day, pointing out any light areas as "just scarred blood vessels from the radiation.  Anybody's brain could have that - all we have is just have a guess of where the tumor was, at this point."  Then the previous year's worth of images, all rock-solidly "stable" with a 5cm X 2cm mass in my right temporal lobe. Wow - where did the little bugger go?

Then my (pre-treatment) scan from July 2009 was on the screen, and the tears started.  Point A to Point B was suddenly a blur, and reality struck - Will you look at that?  The difference between "now" and "then" was stupefying.  My poor little brain had been in bad shape, all squished off to one side, just over one year ago.  We've been through the war, and we've won!  I have a Super-Brain, and together, we kicked some tuber arse!  Buh-bye, brain-vader!

IMAGE NOTE: The images at right are yesterday's scan (top) and my July 2009 scan (bottom).  It was after the July 2009 scan that my Ninja Neurologist said to me quite frankly, "If you don't pursue treatment soon, you're going to die of brain cancer."

To which I arrogantly replied,"I'm not going to die of brain cancer."

"Then what are you waiting for?" he shot back.

I didn't have an answer.  What was I waiting for?

So I stopped waiting and started healing and here I am, one year later, and it's GONE?  Already?

You'd better believe it.  Me, too.


you are amazing.  i have been

you are amazing.

 i have been thinking about this all week! so very happy for you lisa and now your "interview" of mine is going to need to be a bit longer i do believe... ;)

hope you've enjoyed your CANCER FREE week!! you deserve it!

Wow. Just WOW.

I am in absolute shock.  Congratulations, first of all!  Holy Crow!  WOW.  I hate looking at brain images, but yours is extraordinary.  I have been speechless for days, waiting to write this. 
What does it mean?  Are you really cancer-free, as your other poster suggested?  Can that be true?!?  I am over the moon at the mere possibility of NO MORE TUMOR.  Really?  Really really??!?  I am just awed.  And so happily jealous!  You, of all people—just WOW.  I am overjoyed.  Truly.
My very best to you both--I truly am extraordinarily happy for you.  This is beyond amazing!


Dear Lisa and Eric,

What a miracle! Words cannot begin to describe how happy we are to read your update!  What a blessing! You both are an inspiration to so many!  Time to celebrate. Much love, Megan and Mike

Hello, dear friends!

girlbert's picture

Hey Mike and Megan!

So amazing to hear from you!  Thanks for your comment - it's put a big ol' smile on my face just thinking about you!

XOXO, Lisa

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