Believe It, Part Two.

Dreams Really Do Come True!

So there's more to the title of that last post - much more - but I opted to quit with just the facts last time.  Just get everybody up to speed with the story, while taking a little more time to process and plan Part Two.

As I wrote the previous post, something struck me as I typed the words, "Believe It."  They appeared on the screen before me, and I realized I had much more to share than "Just the facts, m'am".  One of my mantras over my years of exploration into my own spirituality, my mission in this lifetime, on this planet; has been "If I believe it, well then it must be true," or "If you believe that, that it will be true for you."  I'm always telling people: "There is so much power in what you think!"  Also, "Write down what you want, and you'll have it."

I was really lucky to have this really great riding instructor, professor, and mentor in college whose mantra was, "There's no sense in practicing at all, if you're going to practice the wrong things.  Practice correctly, or don't practice at all."  She was, of course, talking about riding horses, but I've carried that mantra with me through all aspects of life.  She's also one of the happiest, cheeriest people I know, so I'm pretty sure she applies this statement to her whole life, too.

I didn't realize how to apply it to more than riding then, but I see it so clearly now.  I've been working for a long time toward the goal of being happy, and more recently, toward health.  Obviously the two go hand in hand!  So I practice happiness, instead of sadness.  I practice making healthy choices, instead of unhealthy choices.  This isn't to say I'm always happy or healthy, or that it's easy.  But I make a conscious effort to practice correctly.  If I get off course, I make a correction.  And I learn from my mistakes.  And I believe that I will achieve my goals.  I write down what I want.  I imagine myself succeeding.  And I know anything is possible, as long as I believe it.

I struggle with doubt, sure.  I have to fend off plenty of sadness.  There will always be obstacles, but the point is to not let my mind be one of them.  But I've made a practice of believing everything will work out in a positive way, provided that I stay focused on the positive outcome.  I've had plenty of help from healers, shamans, and energy workers to help drive that point home throughout the years, and it's finally starting to stick.  I'm still a student and life is one lesson after another, but practice makes perfect.

You'd better believe it.


You are such an inspiration.

rebelprince26's picture

You are such an inspiration.

You're a great brother!

girlbert's picture

One of the most inspiring people I know, too.


I'm writing it down!

Laurel's picture

You once told me to write down something specific I wanted. I did, even though it seemed like a long shot. And it worked. I couldn't have been more surprised. I will try this "believing" thing you speak of, because you're wise beyond your years and, well, it can't hurt.

On a mother note: Oy, you look thin. Eat something!

Love you!


Of Course It Works!

girlbert's picture

I'm so happy you realize it - keep doing it, sister!  I'm so glad to hear from you - you seem happy, and that brightens my day!

I am eating, too - at least three weeks a month.  One week a month is a little rough, so it's been hard to maintain regular eating habits.  It's weird, because I know no one likes to hear about how the skinny chick just can't put weight on, but I always ask, "Have you tried chemo?"

Got to go write some stuff down!

Lovin' you back,


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