Come On, Get Artsy

California Seasons, Winter

Those of you who visit Girlbert regularly know that I'm an amateur photographer, a website designer, and now a watercolor student.  And a lot of what you see on my site is focused in nature: birds, animals, flowers, and the local landscape.  My creations are a reflection of my world, my life, the things I love.  I photograph, pictify, and paint in an attempt to share the things I love with others.

"Follow your bliss."
~ Joseph Campbell

Since seeing "Finding Joe", a movie about the theories of writer and mythologist Joseph Campbell, I've been trying to do just that.  One of my passions is expressing myself creatively, whether it's painting a picture, taking photos, rearranging the furniture, or just making sure dinner looks as good as it tastes!  Thanks to cancer, I've been able to dabble in watercolors, learn more about photography, and mingle with some very encouraging artists and new friends at the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara.  All this creating is making me happy, and Happiness is probably a road sign somewhere on the path to Bliss... 

I'm super-pleased to announce that I'm currently showing three of my paintings at the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara, and have prints of them for sale to benefit the CCSB Wellness Programs.  I also have some photography on display at The C Gallery in Los Alamos through March 7.  Please check out the show if you get a chance!

So I'm double-happy, because I have a creative outlet, it's proving to be a lucrative effort, and now it's giving me a way to give back to the organization that started it all: Cancer Center of Santa Barbara.  If it weren't for the classes I've taken, the encouragement I've received, and the connections I've made through CCSB, I wouldn't be nearly as far down the road to following my bliss as I've found myself lately.  There's no turning back, either, because I find the path ahead lined with as many opportunities as oak trees and wildflowers!

Interested in obtaining a print or some notecards?  Check out my sale gallery, and contact me for pricing.


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