Consuela in the Grass

Over a year ago, Boyfriend and I were in Puerto Vallarta for one of his sailing events.  He was working, sailing every day, and I was along for the ride.  We were in the throes of new love, just beginning our relationship.

The suite we were staying in had a big balcony on which a peahen roosted every night.  She was often still there in the morning.  One morning, I blindly got up and went to the kitchen for a bottle of water, and THERE SHE WAS.  In the kitchen.  She had entered the kitchen through the sliding glass doors, left open overnight for some fresh air!  Boyfriend was still asleep, so I shooed her back out onto the balcony.  It didn't take much, I was clearly more alarmed about her situation that she was.  She had no trouble finding the door, and left no evidence of her presence.  What a good peahen!

So we fondly named her Consuela.  When our stay in Mexico came to an end, we sadly said goodbye, figuring we'd not see her until we came back.  We agreed that we would miss that big, beautiful, funny bird.

Shortly after we returned home, I moved into this little cabin in the mountains of Santa Barbara.  Once I was settled in my new home, I discovered the resident wild turkey group.  Fascinatingly, they have kindly allowed a peahen into their flock.  Consuela had followed us all the way back to California, just to keep us on our toes.

So yesterday I awoke to turkey and Consuela peeps outside my window, when this wave of new energy hit me. And she remains our symbol of fresh starts and new journeys.


aww, that's cute!

rebelprince26's picture

i'm glad Consuela is there to look after you!

I'd rather be in Mexico.

Laurel's picture

I fell in love with a monkey in Puerto Vallarta.

Laurel, too!

girlbert's picture

Not the monkey part.  The I'd-rather-be-in-Mexico part.


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