HAIR! and a Kiss from my Love

It's been over a year since the event that led to my diagnosis.  Apparently this blogging thing is hard to keep up with when you're not all hopped up on steroids, so I haven't been keeping you all as up-to-date as well as I would like.   Not to mention the fact that all of my excess energy has been channeled toward growing a brand-new head of hair!  (Evidence in the picture!)

So - I've compiled a list of questions that I find myself answering.  Frequently.  I've added a NEW PAGE (a link in the menu above, as well) to this site for those questions, but here's a little teaser:

What and when was your diagnosis?

I was diagnosed with a type 2 astrocytoma in my right temporal lobe - brain cancer - April 27th, 2009.  I'll never forget the date, because I had to make sure and write a blog post honoring my little brother on his 30th birthday (April 26th) before I went to the hospital for what seemed like a possible concussion.  It's important to have priorities.

How did you discover your brain tumor?

I had a seizure while home alone April 24, 2009.  I had been getting ready for bed, it was late, and I brushed my teeth and washed my face.  Then suddenly, I found myself, 'coming to' at my desk, in front of my computer, which had been shut down already.  "Huh - I thought I already went to bed,"  I thought, and went to bed.  I had no history of fainting or seizures.

The next morning I had a headache.  And a fat lip. And when I got up to pee, I noticed the bathroom rug was all wadded up in the middle of the bathroom floor.  Something wasn't normal, but maybe I just tripped and fell in the night and hit my head and didn't remember.  When Boyfriend returned home later that night, and I told him what happened.  The headache persisted.

The following morning the headache was worse.  We talked about going to the ER to see if I had a concussion, but I didn't have insurance and we were broke.  I'd had a head injury before - I knew they'd want to do a scan - cha-ching!   So I decided to take a nap.  After I laid down, the left side of my body began to tingle, my ears began to ring and I detected a horrible taste in my mouth.  (I now refer to these feelings as my 'conscious seizures'.)  I was scared, so I called for Boyfriend, and described what was happening.  It was very uncomfortable, something was definitely wrong with me.  It was time to go.

Boyfriend called his boss about getting his payment for work early so that we could go to the ER.  His boss said, "You just take her, and I'll take care of it."

So we went.  As soon as we got to the ER, and the words "hit my head" escaped my mouth, I was put in a neck brace and strapped to a gurney.  Here we go, I thought.  I had a CT scan and was brought back to a waiting room with Boyfriend.  I had another 'pins and needles' episode, telling Boyfriend, "It's happening again, I'm having that feeling again!"  He called the nurse and she gave me an anti-seizure drug.  She explained to me that what I was feeling was a mini-seizure, that I'd probably had a grand mal seizure at home two days ago and hit my head.

Then the doctor came in. "We looked at your scan.  I'm so sorry, but you have a very large tumor in the right side of your brain.  That is probably what is causing the seizures.  But you need to go to the other hospital for observation and to have an MRI."

Boyfriend was holding my hand, so I squeezed it, looked at him and the tears started.  "I'm so sorry," was all I could think to say.

His face was already even with mine, his eyes locked on my teary ones, "We'll get through this, don't worry."

One wipe with the back of my hand, and the tears were gone.  Of course we will.



Such a journey

Thank you for sharing your journey with us!  I know most of the story but am inspired by you again and again every time I read it.  See you soon.  Love, Jennifer

Can I just say...You ROCK

Can I just say...You ROCK that short hair! You are beautiful and happy. It just shows! I've been thinking about you and I'm so glad everything is getting a little better. Can't wait until you come back and visit soon. I'm hoping I have a "business trip" out there very soon!




Laurel's picture

I have to agree with Tricia—you are even more fabulous with the peach fuzz. Happy to see you back to blogging. Would be even happier to see YOU. Why are we so far apart?

And boyfriend? I don't need to tell you this, but that man is a keeper. Unfortunately, he's set the bar too high for all the others out there.



Ah yes, the steroids

I remember my two weeks on steroids...so, so productive...but then they made me super duper depressed. Just part of the part of my brain that my disease affects, apparently!


In much, much more important news: Lisa, I wish I could tell you and show you just how incredibly thankful I am for you, for your blog, for your positive energy. You have helped Change My Life. I mean it.  It took so, so long for me to get a diagnosis for my brain disease (it's thought to be probably at least 20 years, at this point), and after so many years of optimism, I had really lost a lot of it. So many doctors, so much money lost, my job lost, my credibility lost...  Your blog, your optimism, your similiarity in us both having brain diseases and love for your brother. It has helped me immensely. You're a great woman. Please never forget it.



You guys are the greatest!

girlbert's picture

Really!  I mean, how'd I get so lucky to have such first-class friends?  I love you, and thank you for your kind words.  They help so much, especially during the tough times.  

I promise to never forget them, or the beautiful people delivering them, if you don't forget how much you (all of you!) mean to me.

You are the reason for my hope, my optimism, and my very open heart.  Thank you so much.

Love and hugs,


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