Flexibility Returns!

Here We Go!

We have returned.  What's that?  You didn't know we were gone?  Great.

Our trip had been in the works for months, with the primary purpose being to visit Boyfriend's brother, sister-in-law, and new nephew, James.  Road tripping inevitably involves side trips and unexpected delays, but the plan, as loosely defined as it were, was to get out of California and do something different!  No doctor appointments, nothing concrete, no obligations.  Just drive and see.  Sweet flexibility!

We didn't make a big deal prior to our departure, because my platelets were scary low, throwing my chemo schedule for a loop because "there's really nothing you can do, but wait for them to go back up again."  I wasn't going anywhere until those platelets went back up again.  So much for flexible.

Our first big road trip, our first vacation in, err... two years, all up in the air - because I needed more platelets?

Nobody was going to tell Girlbert there was nothing I could do, so I took those uncooperative little platelets into my own hands.  I opened my mind, Googled, asked my cancer support group friends, took my vitamins, exercised, and I ate and ate the biggest variety of foods I could come up with in five days.  On day five I took my next blood test and marched it upstairs to oncology.

"This is better - whatever you're doing is working!" My uber-oncologist smiled and shook his head as he flipped through the results of my blood tests, past and present.  I'd done my homework, listened to my body, and more than doubled my platelets in five days.  Whew for a flexible mind!

I started my chemo that night.  We packed up and left the next day.

More on the Flexible Adventures of Girlbert and Boyfriend coming soon!


Thinking of you guys! Glad

Thinking of you guys! Glad you had a wonderful trip! Great to see your beautiful hair shading your head again! :o) love,kate


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Thanks for checking in - so good to hear from you guys!  Hope you're having a great summer!




I love this post; I enjoy all your posts. Have I mentioned lately how your blog has helped me?  It has, and I appreciate you.


Earlier today, I said hi to Erik on IM. He told me he had bad news, and I immediately was concered for YOU.  However, thankfully, his "bad news" was that I am no longer his longest relationship.  That is GREAT news. I said, "See, Erik, finally you found someone good enough for you!"  :-D


He suggested that when he's back in CA, we all get together. I love the idea!  Have a wonderful rest of your trip, and again, thank you for everything.

That IS great!

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YOU'RE great.  And you've helped me, too.  So happy to return the favor! 

I'm so happy for my little brother, too.  Sounds like a wonderful idea, all of us getting together.  Let the pestering begin!  ;-)


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