Horse Cupcakes

Horse Cupcake

This "recipe" obviously strays from my usual goal of providing healthy recipes, but it's my horse's 26th birthday today!  I used to provide pony parties at my riding school, and these cupcakes were ever present for the festivities.  Have pony, will party!


number of cupcakes desired, made according to box instructions or desired recipe
frosting the desired colors of the "ponies"
Bugles brand corn chips, for ears
chocolate chips or dark colored candies for eyes
small (1 1/2") peppermint patties for brown horse noses
marshmallows, sliced for white horse noses
shredded coconut for white horse hair, if desired
additional icing for decoration
  1. Make cupcakes according to instructions.  Allow to cool at least an hour and frost with warmed frosting.
  2. Dip Bugles in matching frosting and apply to the top of the cupcake as ears.
  3. Apply marshmallow slices or peppermint patties as noses.
  4. Decorate with candies, icing and coconut as desired.
  5. Don't forget to take pictures!

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