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Nice Rack

Current location: Aurora, IL, baby!

We're traveling again, so I'm still sorting through pictures and stories, but I've come up with a fun list of fast facts a la Girlbert and Boyfriend's Big Road Trip. 

Equipped for travel and leisure with:

  • 1 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser
  • 1 bitchin' roof rack (more on that later)
  • 1 2-person tent (cozy, with a GREAT view!)
  • 1 full-sized air mattress
  • 1 feather bed
  • 1 blanket, set of sheets
  • 2 down comforters (for desert camping, no less)
  • 2 mountain bikes, helmets, shoes, tire pump, etc.
  • 3 yummy pillows (because two couldn't possibly suffice)
  • 1 trunk containing food and food preparation, including Grandma's cast iron pan and Boyfriend's favorite (favourite) wooden spatula (which we left at the first stop, but thankfully promised to be kept safe by our gracious host)
  • 2 suitcases
  • 1 propane stove

Electronically prepared with:

  • 1 inverter with 4 AC plugs with which to charge all electronic devices while on the road
  • 2 iPods
  • 2 cameras, 1 point and shoot with video, 1 digital SLR with 2 rechargable batteries
  • 2 tripods (1 Gorillapod, 1 gianormous regu-pod)
  • 2 cell phones (1 smartphone; 1 waterproof, 3 year-old, flip phone - can you guess who belongs to which?)
  • 3 GPS'- Garmin Forerunner for biking/running, Garmin 60Cx for bike/auto navigation, Nuvi 760 for auto navigation
  • 3 laptops, 1 Windows machine, 2 linux machines that sometimes have issues finding wireless, hence the Windows... (He-hello, Tech Support?)

Just the stats, ma'am:

  • Days on the road: 17
  • Miles traveled: 2,615 (4,218K for the little brothers out there!)
  • Number of videos taken: 43, totaling 2 GB
  • Number of photographs taken:  2,388, totaling 17.9 GB (seriously!)
  • Number of times we used the Windows computer: 4
  • Number of times we used the linux machines: 2
  • Number of grocery runs: 2
  • Number of meals out: 8 (out of 51 possible meals!)
  • Number of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches eaten: 12
  • Percentage of crap brought along that was actually used: 32%
  • Times we set up camp: once
  • Bumper stickers collected: 13
  • Average MPG in the Land Cruiser: 12.5
  • Days we were home before getting on a plane to our next (exotic) destination: 6
  • Number of doctor appointments and blood tests in those five days: 4

Apparently, this is how two nature-lovin' computer nerds traverse the western states in a Land Cruiser!  First stop: Henderson, NV for Girlbert's first hairdo... stay tuned!



I love this post!  I can't

rebelprince26's picture

I love this post!  I can't wait to take some stats from when Mikey is here.  Any idea of what I should be keeping track of?  I miss you guys!


girlbert's picture

Oooh, that sounds fun!

Gay bars (duh)... number of times one of you brings up shit-stained panties or other such fun memories (I'll refrain here!)... number of Tweets per day... I'm sure you'll come up with something good.  What are you planning on doing?  Maybe miles walked?  Train rides?  iPhones/Pods per user?  ;-)

Miss you, too.  So sorry I missed the new apartment tour!  Can't wait to see it!

Take lots of pics with Mikey - you guys are going to have so much FUN!



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