Hurdles, Schmurdles

Looking Right At 'Em!

One year ago it was unknown when I would be able to get back to it.

Six months ago I worried that every hurdle I overcame would put me, nose-first, into another.

Three months ago my Ninja Neurolgist told me he didn't see why not - he'd fill out the paperwork and send it in.

Two months ago I had to postpone it because of travel plans.

One month ago I had a date - nothing could stop me now!

Three weeks ago I realized nothing could stop me, but myself.

Last week, another hurdle, I wondered if I would never be ready.

Yesterday I passed that darn driving test. (At the right DMV!)

Today I know I can generously clear anything else in my path.



My face is starting to hurt from all the giant smiling. I'm so happy for you.  Not just the driving, which is nice, but the step forward & how that feels (which I am all-too-aware of).  The return of a bit of independence and taking care of yourself-ness in feeling.  How such a simple thing as driving can have that much impact, I don't know, but I hope you enjoy it--and your blissfull step--hugely.  Congrats!

Love, -Kristina 

I know you know...

girlbert's picture


Thanks so much for your constant encouragement - I can feel your smile from here!  It is great to finally be  self-sufficient.  I didn't even realize how much I hated being so dependent on someone else until recently.  I can't imagine how it's been for Boyfriend.  He's obviously as tickled as I am!

I feel like a new woman!  Independence is exhilarating, even if it means I'm just going to the store for some eggs!




Laurel's picture

You are now free to move about the boonies of Santa Barbara. :-) BIG LOVE!


Back at ya!

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Thanks, Laurel!  My horse has a mani-pedi on Tuesday morning and guess what?  I'll go hold him for the farrier, and  Boyfriend gets to sleep in!  Woo hoo!

Life's little victories... ;-)



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