I Have A Great Mom

Lilies For Mom

I painted this watercolor for my Mom for Mother's Day.  She received them the Day After Mother's Day, because that's my style.  She's a great Mom, a real original, so I thought she deserved a Girlbert original.  They're beautiful flowers, just like her.  She tells me she framed them and they're hanging in my old bedroom, now a den/guest room.  I can't wait to see them again - Mom, Dad, and the room!  The room that my Little Brother thinks that is actually his old room, which is just too silly, since my art is hanging in there.

They're only for her, so I won't be selling any prints, but I was too happy with them to not share.



We do have a great Mom!  You

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We do have a great Mom!  You totally won the best child award this year.  My card STILL hasn't arrived...

I have a great brother, too!

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I think you win Number One Son prize, though!  Miss you lots!


Your Wonderful Big Sister

Gift to my mom

I had a great time with my mother last month where I gave her a painting of our family with my daughter in front, I let my a good painter to do a job for me because I can't even paint at all. In the morning of mother's day, I woke her up in her bed with my dad and gave her a cup of tulsi tea and then asked her to go downstairs with my dad. When she saw the painting, she is really happy. I can see it on her faceand I'm glad that she likes it.

I love this painting Lisa. I

I love this painting Lisa. I can almost smell the flowers...I can almost smell pancakes too. What time is it? I'm hungry! Jeeez, it's like 7:30! Why am I up so early? I need pancakes...love the painting. 

Thanks, Graham!

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Sorry I never got this - I guess I haven't checked comments in a while.  What a pleasant surprise, thank you!

Try these pancakes next time you have a hankering for a delicious breakfast treat:  http://girlbert.com/content/cornmeal-flapjacks-0


See you soon!


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