Just Learning

Be-ing a Horse

Sitting in the green grass, sun on my back, I watch my horse move his wrinkled nose through the plump, sweet blades.  Bliss.  His eyes are bright beneath an increasingly gray brow.  He is happy, too.

I look up at the cloudless blue sky; a breeze floats across my face.  I look back at Stevie, the sun makes his copper coat shine, the breeze sifts through his tail.  He looks up from the grass for a moment, his eyes close in the sun.  I admire my lovely friend in the quiet afternoon warmth, enjoying the peace of a wordless bond.

He turns to me to make sure I'm still watching, and I smile.  I'm sure he smiles back, then lowers his nose into the grass, back to the business of eating. 

He knows what's important.  Smiling again, I marvel at his courage, his honesty, his loyalty, and his humor as I remember our years together and think that we are finally just learning to be.


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