Last Laugh

Where's He Gonna Go?

It was your last day on the planet, and you knew it.  What did you want to do?  Eat, obviously.  Carrot puree, coming right up.  Did you say applesauce?  Got it.  Chew some grass, spit it on someone's foot.  Of course.  But did I know that you wanted to run away one last time?  Probably.  That must have been why I put the lead rope down, just for one second. One picture, and you were gone.  Oops.

Maybe you wanted to make me look silly one last time, but I didn't care.  Because I didn't mind watching you run off, shiny, white tail over your back, mane flying and green grass under your hooves.  Down the hill, around the front of the barn, just so everybody could see what you did.  It's how I wanted to remember you - reminding me that even on the last day, you still had one more trick up your sleeve.  You were still the teacher, and I wasn't through learning the lessons you have to teach.

One last lesson from the great teacher.  A reminder that we're not through, not yet.  A timely kick in the pants:  Pay attention.  You have more to learn.  And you learn best by teaching.  So, "Trot!  Kick!  Go!  Now!"

And don't forget to have fun!

What are you waiting for?


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