With A Little Help From My Friends


Okay, I'll admit it.  In between thankfully longer and longer stretches of positivity, I still have plenty of bouts of uncertainty.  So I keep a log of some of the best advice I receive from so many of the amazing people in my life, and check in with it when I need a boost.  Here are some of the gems I've collected so far:

On getting back to life:
Don't BE the disease.  Get back to life.  Get back to living.
Got it.

On going back to work:
Don't worry about going back to work just yet.  You've still got 11 rounds of chemo, and I don't think you could work full-time until that's over.  Just concentrate on staying well.

On money:
You will always have what you need, when you need it.

On stress:
Cut yourself some slack - we've had a really hard couple of years.
It'll get better.
Thanks, Dad.

On what to do next:
You've been blessed with the opportunity to figure out what you really want in life.  Take it!
Now's the time to learn something new.  Take some classes, maybe go back to school.
Doing it!
Maybe you should write a book.
Been thinking about that, actually...

On my horse career:
You've got this crazy ability to read horses.  Use it!
Working on it!
Why aren't you teaching riding lessons?  You need to be teaching riding lessons!
Yes ma'am!

On spirituality:
When you remember who you are, and I remember who I am, we remember: We are ONE.

On blogging:
You might run out of stuff to write about on that blog of yours.


Acknowledging Michael

I had the honor of meeting Michael at the Santa Barbara Brain Tumor Support Group.  It was so encouraging to hear his 4 year Victory over his tumor, the treatment worked and his tumor was gone.  He was a song of Triumph. Several months later he was to tell the group his new challenge, the diagnosis of ALS, and we were all moved to cry along with him as he shared.  He touchingly asked if he could continue attending this group, as the other one depressed him as he saw and confronted what was in store for him.  We only saw him one or two more times.  Always he gave encouragement and hope for those in attendance.  I have a set of his Korgi dog cards, framed and hung in my kitche.They always bring a smile to my face and a reminder to me to embrace Michael's advise to charish loved ones and the moment, appreciating nature and life. Michael will be with us, alive in our hearts, in that special place only he has touched.

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