A Little Perspective on my Tuber

It's a tuber!

Busy day yesterday, everyone - sorry I didn't get to update.  I have nothing but good news to report.  I have a to-do list as long as my arm, but I'm going to start with my writing, because it makes me happy.

I had a meeting with my wonderful new oncologist yesterday, Dr. G.  Here are the facts: The biopsy results show that the tumor is fairly low grade, appears mostly benign, and is fairly slow growing, due to it's size and the fact that I'm mostly unaffected by its presence. The size - about 3cm in diameter by 6cm in length, about the size of not one, but two golf balls.  I've included the picture of this delicious tuber, for comparison. And it's apparently been there a long time, because if it had shown up any more quickly, my brain would not have room to function, due to the tumor's size.  The seizures were most likely brought on my recent work and stress levels (who, me?), which lower a person's "seizure threshhold".  Good thing for overwork, or I still may not know about this.  Gift upon gift...

I was truly expecting these western-medicine-types to grab me by the arm, and start hyperventilating, "We have to do something NOW - we must remove this foreign mass from your HEAD - it doesn't belong, and it must be eradicated!"  I knew going in that I wasn't overly open to going in after it, invasively or chemically.  I figured it got there without anyone's help, I probably needed to reflect on that a bit, and figure out how to begin asking it to leave on my own.

But Dr. G's outlook is relaxed and extremely encouraging, if unexpected.  He wants to run more tests, but is recommending no treatment at this time, due to the basic fact that the I'm essentially healthy and normal and unaffected by the tumor right now, and doing anything could prove worse than leaving it alone.  PERFECT.  My thoughts exactly, previous to even having met him.  And I'm very much into going with how I feel on this, much like I run the rest of my life.  So the bottom line is, I'm going to observe, research, explore and take the time I need to figure out what, if anything to do.  No urgency required.  A new philosophy indeed.

In response to my comments about life feeling more hopeful, things seeming more beautiful than ever,  I got this from a friend in Denver yesterday:

"It is like Einstein said, paraphrased: There are two ways to live, as if nothing is a miracle, or as if everything is. I, personally, am on the miracle side. I think a big life event like this amplifies your beliefs, either in miracles, or in the lack thereof."

So take that with you today, and everyday.


Thoughts to you

Hi Lisa,

I'm friends with your wonderful brother (I was in Italy with him last month!), and I wanted to let you know that I've been thinking of you and him since I heard about your fall last week.  I hadn't been to your blog (except to watch the hummingbird footage, which Erik sent me), and now that I have, I can already understand why Erik is so crazy about you.  He's talked about you the entire two years that I've known him and I've always hoped that I would get a chance to meet you when you're in NYC.  Your blog and your philosophy on life and this recent curveball are incredibly inspirational and just lovely.  You've definitely gotten into the groove of something great, it seems.

I just wanted you to know that you have a fan out here in NYC.  I hope that I do get to meet you eventually, when Erik gets his butt back on the right side of the Atlantic.  Good luck with everything and I'll be reading.


PS...I can only read back about a month..are there archives somewhere that I'm missing?


girlbert's picture

So that's who you are!  I was thinking your name seemed so familiar, but couldn't put my finger on it...

I'm nothing short of STUNNED by your kind words.  I'm always astounded by Erik's amazing friends.  He seems to surround himself with the most glorious, beautiful people.  Like attracts like, as they say.  One of my few regrets is not having met all of them...

My site is fairly new, so you're seeing all there is to see, so far.  But the updates will remain fast and furious, so you'll stay up to date from here, I'm sure! 

So great to "meet" you - someday in person, I'm sure!

Much love, Lisa


woo hoo!

rebelprince26's picture

you look super skinny in that picture!  have you stopped eating?


(i'm supposed to be the skinny tomlin!!)

I think the tuber just makes me look small...

girlbert's picture

Although there's been a lot of fasting requiredfor all these scans and tests, but nothing deliberate.  No worries - Kurtabe sent me brownies!

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