Look What the Universe Dragged In

Cap Lat

Another day, another gift, internet.  It's no secret that I've been missing having a cat since I've been in California.  But I've been waiting - for the right time, enough money, any number of reasons.  Turns out the universe thinks the time is now, because this beautiful tigress adopted us just yesterday, and she couldn't be more at home.  She loves us.  We love her.  She's sweet and delicate, exquisite and gentle and oh, soooo grateful.  She brings me peace, and I think she's here to help me heal.  And I was wondering who was going to hang out with me when Boyfriend leaves in 10 days for 3 weeks to go sail in New Zealand.  Now I'm not. 

But she needs a name, and I'm open to suggestions.  It's going to have to have meaning, do her beauty and temperment justice, and roll off the tongue.  I'll need to decide within about a week, because if we call her "Kitty" any longer, it's going to stick.  So let's hear it.


wanda!   or winnifred!

rebelprince26's picture



or winnifred!


As in destiny, fate or fortune.

Kitty's Name????

My suggestions....

1) Sadie  (she was a lady who could handle herself!!!)

2) Orcrist  (the name of the sword in Lord of the Rings....strong, regal, and very sharp)

3) Cassie (short for Cassiopia...a wonderful star consellation in the universe)



Another Kitty Name

Jenai  (pronounced Jen-eye)  It is Chinese for "one who brings happiness."  Need I say anything more?


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