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As I stood at the kitchen sink this evening, on my own two feet, washing the dishes that I had just eaten dinner off of, not feeling nauseated or woozy or sick in any way, I thought, "Things are looking up!"

And BOOM!  I had a post to write.  

This week marks two years for Boyfriend and I.  We had our first date two years ago this very week.  Things were most certainly looking up for me then, just having moved to California from Colorado, I was looking forward to a fresh start.  Just like we are now that I've gotten through chemo-radiation and my first five days of monthly chemo.  We now know what to expect (chemo sucks for all five days, plus three or four after) and are looking forward to a little more fun in the year ahead.  A fresh start.

The first date story:

I met a cute sailor on a wine tour on a previous trip to California.  Now that I was here, I had invited him up to Los Alamos (from Somis, about 100 miles!) for lunch, and if he wanted to stay for dinner, I would love to cook him dinner, too.

Lunch was a bold statement about the way I like to eat – pasta sautéed with tuna, capers, garlic, and anchovies in olive oil.  He was impressed at this brazen combination of flavors for our first meal.  After lunch, he wanted to take me on a drive.  It had snowed in the mountains the day before, and wouldn't it be fun to go check it out?  I thought, a spring snow – how nice.  Didn’t I move here all the way from Denver because I can’t stand the snow?

After a beautiful, winding drive up the mountain, we stopped and got out of the car to check out the view.  We were standing at the top of a mountain overlooking the Santa Ynez Valley, arms wrapped around one another for warmth, and he explained that all of the green leaves in the trees are mistletoe, which is actually a parasite.  Mistletoe live in the trees, getting all their nutrients from the other organism.  I had no idea - a real botany lesson!  So, it’s windy, we’re freezing (did I mention the snow?), and we get back in the car to drive down the mountain.  

He's pointing out the mistletoe growing on the trees on the way down, and we drive under a bit of it growing over the road.  He stops the car, and says, “Look up.”  I’m thinking this is going to somehow further my education about mistletoe and associated plant life, so what do I do, but what I’m told.  I look up out the sunroof, and there is indeed a clump of mistletoe hanging over the car.  As I turn my head toward him to smile, my mouth runs into his.  That certainly did further my education about mistletoe – not in a way I would have guessed, but  it did, nonetheless.

Things are looking up, as long as you know where to look.  Keep looking up!



I loved this!!!  I am so sorry about the cancer, but wow - the boyfriend story is SO PERFECT!  I have this sudden desire to go hang out at wine tours in search of sailors.....


girlbert's picture

Thanks for stopping by, Barbara!  I don't know that meeting sailors on (horse farm and) wine tasting tours happens very often, but good luck!   ;-)

And good for you for documenting your own journey, heartbreak and all.  It can be very healing and cathartic, keep it up!  I'm pulling for you and your family - sending lots of positivity and healing light your way!



Laurel's picture

I was so happy to read that you felt well for a change, I almost tipped over in my chair. And the boyfriend story gave me goose bumps, right before I ran to the bathroom to hurl over how impossibly romantic your first date was. But you deserved it then and you deserve it now. Keep the faith, sister. Your smile is a ray of hope for everyone who knows you. xoxo



girlbert's picture

How is your move going, darling?  I hope you found all the Disney-character-esque (wide shoulders, tiny waists and tight buns!), muscle-men-types you needed for furniture moving.  ;D

Thank you, thank you, but sorry I made you hurl.  I was afraid that might happen to most who might read this, but it really was that impossibly romantic.  I actually held back quite a bit - got to save something for my book!

Speaking of books, yours was AMAZING.  I have to admit, I was nervous about the subject matter, but very well done.  Really - thank you so much.  I'm going to hand it off to my mom while in Chicago at the end of the month - she and her friends swap books all the time, so that should get you some Midwestern word-of-mouth.  Yay!

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