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The Gift of Being Present

Stevie taught me something about being present when I was out visiting him at the farm today.  I gave him a bath, and we went out to find some grass for him while I toweled him dry.  After my towels were mostly wet, and my horse was mostly dry, I sat down on the lawn to watch him happily munching on green grass.  As I sat back against a tree, I thought maybe I'd check my email, now that I had a moment, so I pulled my phone out of my pocket.  

As soon as I held it up and looked down at the screen, the contented crunching stopped.  I looked up to see my horse frozen in place, his eyes empty, staring straight ahead.  Definitely an expression of resigned sadness.

"You okay, buddy?  What's wrong, Steve?"  I stood up, went over to him.  The phone was back in my pocket.  I put my hand on his neck and he didn't move.  Where was my horse with the big personality?

Then I heard him, "You came all the way out here to stare at your phone?  Really?  Because that's crap, if you ask me."  And as if to emphasize his point, he crapped, right there on the lawn.

Oops.  Sorry, man.  You are so right.

Next time the phone stays in the car, my attention on my horse, and my mind in the moment.


so smart...

This great smart best teachers the least to say ! ...Reggy and Steve including you look absolutly healthy just beaming ! you know Wohpeh looks at me some days saying hey...go take a trip see your girlfriends go laugh...

i am doing cool ...!!! instead myself i still feel like looping ...Peyate leaving has transformed a emptyness in me it is different then when i lost Tome .-

Some day i possibly get the words to describe what is going on !

Thinking of you a lot and missing our giggles very much .-

Blessed we are to be loved by wonderful human and animal souls !

love to you Lisa always



girlbert's picture

Dear, dear Chatrigna,

I am so happy to hear from you!  My heart is bursting with joy to hear that you're doing well.  Imagining your smile makes me smile so much my face hurts!  I especially miss making you laugh!

We are so blessed to be in the company of such amazing animal and human teachers.  That is such a beautiful picture you sent me of your two girls, they look so wonderful and happy.  Wohpeh is so wise - keep listening to her!

Love you so much!


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