Therapy. Well, that and a bottle of red wine...

Therapy: The Game

If you know me, you know this has been a rough year for me. But this week was about eight thousand times harder.
Work without pay - wait, when did I start training horses again?
So last night, after another 12-hour workday, I looked at my honey, and he said, "Let's just stop for tonight - please?"
With tears in my eyes, I sighed, "Okay." It was all I could do to stop, I was so overwhelmed by everything we had to do.
"Let's make some dinner, have a glass of wine, and watch a movie or play a game or something. We just need a break."
A game? That sounded remotely FUN. And nothing sounded FUN at that moment, so that was a pretty good idea. "What game?"
"Well let's see what we have in here..." He opened the cabinet, "How about Jenga?" I pictured myself throwing wooden rectangles at his face. Not a good plan.
"What else?"
"Therapy - what's that about?"
"I LOVE Therapy."
"Therapy it is."

Therapy: The Game
Fascinating fun with a psychological twist. Explore your imagination. Discover surprising facts about human behavior. Find out how others see you.

Let it be known that I ended up in "psychosis" five times, boyfriend, once. That's about the right ratio. So after some dinner and much alcohol consumption, Therapy turned out to be just what we needed. The directions call for 3-6 players, but we just figured instead of group therapy, we were undergoing couples therapy. I haven't had that much fun in such a long time. A sampling of our Therapy sessions:

"So tell me, Lisa, which player do you think would be quickest to admit to making a mistake?"
That'd be a resounding NOT ME.

"So tell me, Lisa, on a rating scale of 1 to 10, how stubborn are you?" Uh, 10.

"So tell me, Lisa, what percentage of your worries do you eventually reveal to other people - 5%, 50%, or 95%?"

As my therapist, Boyfriend was to try to guess what my answers were, and he NEVER GOT ONE WRONG.

On the other hand:
"So tell me, Boyfriend, what period of history were you really made for - the Roman Empire, the 'South' of Gone with the Wind, or Modern Times?"
Boyfriend: Modern Times.
Me: Oh, I said the Roman Empire.
Boyfriend: Really? Why?
Me: Hmmm, I guess 'cause you're all chivalrous and believe in battling things out via warfare, if necessary.
Boyfriend: Huh.

"So tell me, Darling, which player would be most likely to make the headlines in the paper?"
Boyfriend: You.
Me: For what?
I could hardly get through reading this one:
"So tell me, Baby, which player do you think would be most likely to become addicted to 'General Hospital'!?!? Phbpbplt!"

He won the the game. But I won the fight with myself.


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