A Week With Mom

Took Mom To See Stevie - Look Who Brought Carrots!

I have been having the week of all weeks with my MOM.  I'm so glad she's here to help out, and it's been so healing to have her all to myself for the week.  She's been able to drive me to all of my appointments and take me on all my errands, not to mention indulge me in a little retail therapy, all while Boyfriend can stay home and get some work done.  As my full-time caretaker, he's not had much opportunity for anything work  or self-related in a LONG time.  So throw some intense mountain bike rides and extra sleep in with the web application work he so loves (and needs to do!) while Mom and I are off doing our own thing, and he's been a VERY. HAPPY. BOYFRIEND.

So here's the health update:

Treatment is still going well, no major increase in side effects to report from the last two weeks.  Still too skinny and finding it hard to sleep at night with all the steroids, but I just try to take lots of breaks, wind down with my Tulsi Tea, and go to be early.  If I'm up at dawn, I'm up at dawn.  More meditating time.

Despite my efforts to keep my immune system strong, and I'm not one to get sick much anyway, I'm fighting a sinus cold and laryngitis.  Although all the gabbing with Mom is certainly a contributing factor to my voice problem...  And I'd like to think that some of the yuckiness that is sliding out of my nose and eyes is bits of tuber running for it's life!  ;-D

And it's official: the hair is coming out.  In clumps.  But only on the right side.  So the plan is to take it all off, eventually, maybe by the end of the week.  Lots of hats, woo hoo!  Boyfriend's excited, 'cause now we'll have the same hair-do!


Ooh!  Maybe you'll inspire

rebelprince26's picture

Ooh!  Maybe you'll inspire Dad to shave his head, too!  Hahahaha!


When I lost all my hair my family gave me lots of cool hats. Think Frank Sinatra. I still wear them now although my hair is making an attempt to grow back.

Wait! Before you shave the do...

Rooty Tooty's picture

You need to dye it something outrageous. Like purple or fire engine red. Something you would never do unless you were going to shave it all off in a week.

Your mom looks adorable, by the way. And you made her go hang out with horses. Always the horse show mom.

How are you feeling now? Can you decorate the mask at all -- like with a big toothy grin on the front? Or a tongue sticking out, pierced of course. Instead of people thinking you were walking swine flu, they would just think you were crazy.

Too late!

girlbert's picture

Post coming shortly...  ;-D

Feeling much better today - WHEW.

And of course Mom and I went to go see Steve - he needs healing, too!  We all got something out of it.

MISS YOU, and you're going to be so proud of how I utilized your present - can't WAIT to share.



I always said that if I were

Rooty Tooty's picture

I always said that if I were sent to prison for some reason, I would shave my head and start over. Embrace my natural color (what is that again?) and NOT have bangs. Unfortunately, I have not yet been sent to prison.

I wish I could take Stevie for you. Ella needs that kind of horse right now, and I have this overwhelming need to have an old horse again. And you know how big white faces tug at my heartstrings. Are the vet bills piling up? Since I can't attend Increditude, I was going to pay a little towards Stevie through the clinic. I'm assuming there's a balance since I always have a balance at mine and neither of my horses are sick, just high maintenance. Honestly, I still think I'd come out ahead by sending Dave to vet school now. Just a few years of not paying vet  bills would offset the cost of a veterinary degree!


girlbert's picture

I think it's fortunate that you haven't been sent to prison.  You know, for Ella and Dave, at least.

Despite the financial hardship, I believe Stevie and I are healing each other, reciprocating energy like mad right now.  I intend to write about it soon.  That horse and I have a very powerful connection, and I need to put it into words...

Check your email, girlfriend.



If you ever need a different home for your lil' Stevie girl, I'm 99% sure we have one here for you.  My boss would not only take your horse, but would take very good care of your horse.

Thank you...

girlbert's picture

...but Stevie and I are in this together to the end.  I know that we are here on this planet together to heal each other, and whatever time we have left together is precious.  So he's staying in California as long as he's in his body. 

But thank you for you generous offer and your positivity and love...



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