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Guarded Garden

I woke Saturday morning, made myself some tea, and went out on my deck to admire the baby fruits ripening on their vines in my container garden.  At least that's were they were yesterday... but they were GONE!  Cucumbers and tomatoes absconded, drooping leaves, broken stems.  So sad!

I initially suspected the turkeys, they usually mow my flowers and herbs this time of year, but it was a little too clean.  Fruit was carefully picked off the plants, and not a trace of waste.  Something with hands was at work...

So I got busy on crafting a proper raccoon deterrent.  I'm going to leave the following note, in case they can read:

(Not-so-)Dear Thieves,

I'll see your vegetable-vandalizing and plant-pummelling and raise you one super-raccoon-blocking, thief-thwarting, plant protecting, Girlbert's-own-hands-crafted Garden Guard!

I'm not afraid to use the hose, if I catch you, either!




Damn those raccoons!  That

rebelprince26's picture

Damn those raccoons!  That makes me so mad.  I hate them.

Masked marauders!

girlbert's picture

But how can you hate them, all the way over there?   I don't - they taught me that I need to be more clever, like them.  And I got to use my screwdrill - that's always fun!  How do you like my handiwork? 

You know what I hate?  Spelling errors!   Why didn't you email me immediately about my mispelling of the word racoon raccoon?  Yikes!  At least I caught it before anyone but you read my post...  ;-)

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