Compose tips

  • Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.
  • Lines and paragraphs are automatically recognized. The <br /> line break, <p> paragraph and </p> close paragraph tags are inserted automatically. If paragraphs are not recognized simply add a couple blank lines.
  • The Views module allows administrators to create dynamic lists of content for display in pages or blocks. It is possible to insert those lists into existing node bodies and blocks, but such inclusion requires that PHP filtering be turned on. The Insert View module allows any user to insert view listings using tag syntax, without the need for PHP execution permissions. The Insert View tag syntax for embedding a view is relatively simple:


    is replaced by the content listing corresponding to the named view. In this case it is my_view.


    invokes the my_view view using the my_display view display ID. If the display slot is left empty, the view's "default" display is used.


    uses the my_display view display, and passes a comma delimited list of arguments (in this case 1, 2, and 3) to the view.

    Here's an example you could use with the default view named "tracker" which uses the page display and takes a user ID as an argument:


    In short this tag says, "Insert the view named tracker, use the "page" display, and supply the argument 1."

    Sometimes you want to pass an argument without specifying a display ID. You can do that by leaving the display ID slot empty, like so:


    How to find a display ID: On the edit page for the view in question, you'll find a list of displays at the left side of the control area. "Defaults" will be at the top of that list. Hover your mouse pointer over the name of the display you want to use. A URL will appear in the status bar of your browser. This is usually at the bottom of the window, in the chrome. Everything after #views-tab- is the display ID. For example in http://localhost/admin/build/views/edit/tracker?destination=node%2F51#views-tab-page the display ID would be "page".